Focus Home Interactive is a French videogame publisher offering production, marketing, and business knowledge, alongside services to support development studios. Known for the quality, diversity, and originality of its catalogue, Focus has published and distributed original titles such as Vampyr, Farming Simulator, Call of Cthulhu, Blood Bowl, The Surge, SnowRunner, and many more. The Group reported sales of m€ 142,8 in 2019/20 of which over 90% were international.

Some iconic franchises in the publisher’s catalog:

The narrative-RPG from DONTNOD has received a warm welcome from press and players with more than 1M copies sold to date.

The phenomenon franchise from GIANTS Software continues, with the 2019 edition selling more than 2M copies to date.

While SnowRunner from Saber Interactive will be releasing later this year, the first game in the franchise has already sold more than 1M copies worldwide.

Developed by Deck13, The Surge was the first ‘post-IPO’ game from the company, a symbol of higher quality standards in the publisher’s catalog. Its sequel, The Surge 2, will release later this year.